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Dear visitors, the main purpose of the following rules is to protect safety of children and their

companions and to ensure a pleasant and clean environment in which you will enjoy Robinson. By

respecting these rules, we help each other. Thank you for your understanding.



By purchasing a ticket and entering the game room, visitor agrees to the operating rules of the

Robinson Family Park and takes note of the rules contained in the operating rules.


Entry of minors

Entry of a minor is only possible if accompanied by a person over 18 years of age. Children over the

age of 10 can visit the hall unaccompanied by adults only if the legal representative brings the child

to the reception, fills in and signs the POWER OF ATTORNEY form and picks up the child again in

person. The child escorts are obliged to ensure that any equipment is used with regard to particular

age and skills of the child.



For hygiene and safety reasons, the entrance to the playroom is only allowed in socks, and it is not

allowed to take off your socks and move around the park barefoot. No types of slippers are accepted.

We recommend dressing children in suitable sports clothes without drawstrings or laces.


Supervision of children

The operator does not assume the obligation associated with the supervision of children. The care

and supervision of children is the sole responsibility of their accompanying person. The operator's

staff is only available at some attractions, without taking responsibility for the children.



To ensure your own safety and the safety of other children, you may not use your own toys in the

entire play area. First of all, it is forbidden to use hard, loose or sharp objects in the play area. Watch

out for clips, pendants, glasses, etc.


Media records and GDPR

Photography and filming in the park is allowed, and by entering the park you give consent to your

person being photographed. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform the reception.


Causing damage

The escort bears full responsibility and is liable, when using any equipment of the playroom, for

damages caused by them or the child through negligence or intent, or for damages caused to other



Food and drinks

Our restaurant offers a wide selection of refreshments: drinks, sweets and several kinds of ready

meals. Therefore, it is not allowed to bring your own snacks into Robinson. The exception is baby

food, which we will be happy to heat for you upon request. It is strictly forbidden to bring any kind of

food or drink into the area of attractions limited by the carpet. Chewing is also prohibited in the

entire area. The restaurant and all areas with dining tables are used for the consumption of

purchased food and drinks.



Strollers are allowed to enter Robinson, but for safety and hygiene reasons, it is forbidden to enter

the playing area (carpet).


Playroom equipment

The playroom equipment may only be used in accordance with its intended purpose. Playing devices

and equipment are used at your own risk, regardless of the operator's obligation to maintain the

equipment in a serviceable and safe condition. The attractions comply with the highest safety

requirements and are regularly inspected.


Use of attractions

Visitors are obliged to respect the instructions at individual attractions, whether the instructions

permanently placed at the entrance to the attraction, or the verbal instructions of the staff or



These are, among others, the following rules:


Individual trampolines can only be used by one person.

Somersaults on trampolines are strictly prohibited due to the high risk of injury!

Climbing on the outer nets of the trampolines, the labyrinth, the mast, the children's corner is


Climbing on the outer parts of the inflatable attractions is prohibited.

You are only allowed to ride the speed slide while sitting with your hands on your knees, otherwise

there is a risk of serious injury. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed on the speed slide. It is

strictly forbidden to ride barefoot without socks.

It is forbidden to move in the speed slide area.

Entry to the racing track is only permitted when accompanied by parents.

Only a child over the age of 6 can drive the car.

The cars are two-seaters and a parent can drive a child under the age of 6 from the back seat.

It is forbidden to collide or bump into the guardrails on the track.

It is not allowed to enter the track and run on it.

It is not allowed to ride upright and in the opposite direction.

It is only allowed to move on the Bumper balls in the area defined by the inflatable field.

Entry to the corner for the smallest children (by the gastro area) is allowed for children up to 6 years

of age.

Use of all attractions is included in the entrance fee except for coin-operated machines.

We ask visitors to immediately report any equipment malfunctions or violations of these operating

rules to the reception.


Emergency exits

It is strictly forbidden to open the doors of escape exits except in life-threatening situations. For the

violation, the person concerned is obliged to pay the operator a contractual fine of 5,000 CZK. In the

event of a violation by a child, the contractual fine will be charged to the adult accompanying the



Limited number of visitors

If the capacity of the park is reached, the operator can restrict access to other visitors.


Restrictions during operation

General traffic in the hall or in parts of the facility may be temporarily restricted. Claims against the

operator resulting from these restrictions are excluded. The operator does not guarantee constant

operation of all attractions.


Fire protection

The hall is equipped with a fire alarm system EPS, electronic security and CCTV system. Smoking is

strictly prohibited in the entire area of the hall. A person violating this obligation is obliged to pay a

contractual fine of 5,000 CZK to the operator.


Storage of things

The operator does not assume warranty for items or clothing stolen from lockers, hangers, shoe

racks, tables or the parking lot. Valuables or more cash can be kept at the reception for the duration

of your visit.



Use of the parking lot is possible only at your own risk. The operator is not obliged to guard the

parking lot.


Losing things

Found items will be stored at the reception for one month and if they are not picked up, they will be

dealt with in accordance with legal conditions.


Entry restrictions

The entry of animals is prohibited for hygienic reasons. In the interest of visitors, the operator

reserves the right to refuse entry, without giving a reason, to persons whose visit to the park raises

doubts. These are persons showing signs of intoxication, suffering from an infectious disease, nausea

or in so-called quarantine.


Inappropriate behaviour

Visitors are obliged to always follow the instructions of the operator's staff. Visitors behaving in

violation of the operating rules of the hall or not following the instructions of the staff may be

temporarily expelled or even permanently excluded from the Robinson Family Park in individual

cases. The entrance fee is non-refundable in these cases.

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